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Yasmin Rashid

Taking the Next Step to a Color Full World


I studied studio art and psychology at Youngstown State University. For me, making art is both a catharsis, and therapeutic. When I create a work of art, I follow my instincts rather than rules which gives me pleasure and sense of freedom. My work has primarily utilized acrylic as a medium but when appropriate to my purpose I deploy a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil, ink, and pencil. Texture and surface within a painting are important to me.


My compositions are varied and include architectural images portrayed as if I am walking through the alleys and doors in the cities I create. My brush takes me to a world of my origin and as I work, I see myself there. I like to work with lines and at times I use words, phrases, or poetry in a composition to resolve the rigidness of lines and add an organic feel to a geometric composition. 


For me, every piece I create is a new step in my experimentation with color, texture, and lines. When in my studio I attempt to have each artwork express my desire and passion for art.


I am a product of multiple cultures and do not feel at all constrained by one style or technique. I have been influenced by both the traditions and images of the east and west. I look at the role of women in various traditions and think deeply about the traditional styles, jewelry, colorful veils, and other implements that define women across cultures and traditions.


In the end I follow my passion and use my work to help me in taking the next step to a color full world.

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