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Artists Collect
Daniel Horne / Jenn Crisan, Curators & Participants / William Mullane, Gallery Director

The Artists Collect exhibition seeks to explore the relationship between artists and their passion for creating and how they apply that same passion to collecting. Artists who collect do so in a variety of ways including bartering with other artists, the purchase of art at exhibitions, art fairs, and online. Artists who collect often do this in conjunction with a spouse or partner who become just as passionate about surrounding themselves with art.  For exhibit visitors we hope to ignite a similar passion for collecting and supporting artists.

Participating Artist / Collectors
Elizabeth Barrickman / William Mullane
Jenn Crisan
/ Daniel Horne
Mark Guffey
Ed Hallahan / Jacki
Robyn Maas
Marianne Nissen
Judy Solomon

Gary Taneri


Exhibition Opens:

September 14, 2023

Exhibition Artist / Collector

Exhibit Closes:

October 27, 2023

Daniel Horne  Down Where the Drunkards Roll.jpg
Jenn Crisan Evening Coast.jpg
Crisan Horne Image.jpg

Artists Included (exhibited)  in Collections

artists in collections.jpg
“Bowl” 18”x18” oil on canvas by Gary Taneri.jpg
Crissan Horne IMAGE 2.jpg
Portrait of a Young Boy” by Csaba Kur Taneri Collection.jpg
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