Past Exhibits

July 13 - August 24, 2019

First Three Songs, No Flash

Concert Photography

Featuring Photography By:

Bob Jadloski

William D. Lewis

R. Michael Semple

Daniel Montecalvo

John Patrick Gatta

Chara Politte

Geneva Anderson

Eric Broz

Erika Rock

David Grohl by R. Michael Semple
“First Three Songs, No Flash: From Hometown Heroes to Hall of Famers” is curated by Andy Gray and made possible through a generous donation by Covelli
above: Yo Yo Ma by: William Lewis
left: Van Morrison by Bob Jadloski

Aislinn Janek


July 13 - August 24, 2019

Fragmentation of information, specifically through language barriers, is a concept I am working through for the past two years. 


Messages that one sends are only received after being filtered through the receiver’s perspective.  Likewise, one’s own experiences are limiting the information we receive from others due to things like connotation, stereotypes, and the context in which one is receiving the information. 


In this exhibition, I use methods of collaging, photo transfers, ink pouring and embroidery to question language’s adequacy in expressing reality

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Opening Reception July 13th

Trumbull Art Gallery / 158-162 North Park Ave. / P.O. Box 888 / Warren / Ohio / 44482

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