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Artists of the Month 2024

Ronnie Mrus
February 2024

Inside the Head of Ronnie Mrus

First, my view of myself is not one of an Artist. I have never been comfortable with calling myself with that title. I have always felt that someone looking at my work decides that the title of Artist is my reward.

My latest work -Oils, Water base & Inks- have properties that do not like to live as one on the same canvas. With that said, I chase oils, Inks, and watercolors around my canvas with water allowing colors to float and move to find what thrills me. This takes place 40 to 80 times, because paints must rest and dry before I begin again until my brain says … Tada.

My work is never done with love. It’s always constant madness visiting the canvas with a touch of this, or a swipe of hot pink, Caribbean blue or a color not found in a Crayola box. Please, step into my canvas, not from afar. Surprises await you not from the entire work, but what is hidden in unexpected strokes.

From me to you, Ronnie Mrus

AOM Feb view 1.jpg
Ronnie Mrus 2.jpg
Ronnie Mrus 3.jpg
Ronnie Mrus 4.jpg
Ronnie Mrus 1.jpg

Artists of the Month for 2023

Artist of the Month For December 2023
Patty Cleary-Talstein

1. Patty's Title Wall.jpg
4. Sunset.jpg

Lia Ploumbis - November 2023 Artist of the Month
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lia whole shot.png
lia 4 photos.png

Artist Statement

In terms of art, my true loves are drawing, painting, and printmaking. While growing up with the practice of drawing and painting, my background in marketing and advertising is what I credit for kick starting my love for the process of printmaking- the process, though requiring intense patience and work to get any results, makes up for it with the ability to make multiples, something that appeals to me greatly. Also, much like myself, printmaking exists in a sort of state between the world of business and the world of art, not completely existing in one area but instead relishing in both and becoming something wholly unique because of it.

My work tends to favor the hand drawn appearance over photographic imagery, and for this show my love of foliage and an exploration of botanical gardens over the years takes center stage in the form of paintings. With the hectic nature of the past years, my retrieve through it all has been getting to reconnect with plant life. Whether it be within nature or in botanical gardens, getting to enjoy a form of life that doesn’t worry about much has helped me reach a better understanding of existing- truly living life for the pure sake of it. Color is also a key part of my art, with most of my work having limited color palettes or a central color spectrum.


About the Artist

Born and raised in Warren, Ohio, Lia attended Kent State University where she obtained two bachelor’s degrees, one in Marketing and one in Studio Arts. In the past Lia has worked with the township of Akron, Nova Cafe, Troppus Projects, and the Trumbull Art Gallery. She is currently teaching workshops and selling art through TAG, designing t-shirts through The Yetee, and creating art/ freelancing in her studio located in her hometown.

Artist of the Month
October 2023
Elise McKeown Skolnick


Artist for the Month of September 2023
Jean Nye 


Artist for the Month of August 2023
Terry Polonsky


July Artist of the Month:  Carolyn Dixon-Hrusovsky

1 front.jpg
4 photo.jpg
2 redford.jpg
5. corner.jpg
3 fonda.jpg
6 jewelry.jpg

June 2023 Artist of the Month
Deborah Hills-Haney


May 2023
Artist of t
he Month:
Stella Kotsatos - Angelo

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