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Altered Visions
Irene G. Was 

May 14 - June 18, 2022

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Heading 6
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Artist's Statement

This exhibit, selected from more than 350 pieces, represents my explorations of various media, techniques, and subject matter. In my 101 years and counting, I have been fortunate to be a wife, mother, teacher, performer, and artist.  In that time, my vision as an artist has evolved, literally and figuratively. I still enjoy developing new ways of expressing my love of nature and exploring new techniques to communicate my view of the world. Life continues to bestow me with so many blessings.


About 20 years ago, I created a painting technique called "dash-ilism" where the background is filled with hundreds of dashed strokes to activate the space. I also developed "remnant" paintings, which are smaller works meant to accompany and complement my larger paintings. You see, I was a child of The Great Depression and have never forgotten the importance of saving and not being wasteful. When I complete a painting, I look at the remaining paint on my palette. Rather than waste this precious resource, I select a smaller canvas and use quick, vigorous strokes to capture the essence of the original. The results are often captivating, abstract impressions that arrest the eye. When the paint is gone, the painting is finished! My intention is that the original and the remnant painting are a set, to be purchased and displayed together. You could say it is my version of a "buy one, get one" and a gift to the new owner!


In my many years on this beautiful planet I have experienced joys and challenges. About 10 years ago I began noticing a change in my eyesight, which was diagnosed as macular degeneration. This has opened new doors of expression for me. Although I do not see with the same crisp clarity, I have the benefit of a fresh perspective of interesting new forms, shapes, and color combinations, for which I am grateful.  Please take the time during your gallery visit today to compare my work from various decades and I think you'll agree that my most recent work is an interesting departure as well as an exciting evolution of my previous works.

Most importantly, it is my wish that you enjoy this exhibit as a celebration of an artist's ongoing search for beauty, truth, and personal expression. Thank you for sharing this latest milestone with me and remember, we are all artists who create our own distinctive lives. Keep exploring what gives you joy, and I wish you all the beauty and longevity that I have enjoyed.

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